Ecotourism provides a financial foundation for Fossil Rim.

Our ecotourism mission is to provide a memorable experience for visitors so they engage more closely with us as members, supporters and donors.

There are many facets to ecotourism at Fossil Rim. For one thing, we have many varieties of guided tours offering beautiful animals and scenery, entertaining and educated guides, wonderful photo opportunities and memories to take home.

People can also experience the Gosdin Scenic Drive in their own vehicles. We have multiple lodging options, whether the priority is comfort or a more rustic experience.

Our Overlook area offers great food at the Overlook Café, a variety of unique gifts and keepsakes at the Nature Store, and an additional group of animals to enjoy at the Children's Animal Center.

This is our third time to stay at the Safari Cabins. We enjoy the privacy and quiet. The only problem with writing about it here is I'll have trouble reserving if the word gets out.


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Ecotourism Features offered

Guided Tours

Scenic Wildlife Drive

Children's Animal Center

Overlook Café


Nature Store

Environmental Engagement

notable statistics & accomplishments

On Our Watch

331,360 Visitors

total in 2020

7.2 Miles

of Gosdin Scenic Wildlife Drive


Unique rooms offered in the Lodge


Cabins in the foothills Safari camp

plus a glass-walled pavilion