While the list may seem like a lot of rules and regulations to you, our experience has shown that consideration of the following will greatly enhance the quality of your visit. We want your experience to be enjoyable. Your cooperation will be appreciated by all involved parties.

Rules of the Road

*No PETS are allowed at Fossil Rim. Visitors with pets will not be allowed to enter and if found will be escorted out of the wildlife center. Domestic animals present potential health and safety risks to the animals here.

*Stay in your vehicle with doors closed at all times. All Fossil Rim animals are free-roaming and may approach the vehicle. For visitor safety, all tailgates, van/car doors and hatchbacks must be closed at all times. Vehicles with “soft doors,” "tube doors" or doors removed, such as Jeeps, will not be allowed to enter the park. You may ride in the back of pickups with tailgates up, but there must be an adult (18+ years) and you must remain seated on the bed – not on wheel wells or sides.

*Do not overload your truck with passengers. Including the people riding in a pickup bed, everyone in a truck must be able to fit inside the cab in case of emergency or inclement weather. A two-door truck with no extended cab can have a total of three people; a four-door truck or a two-door with extended cab can have a total of five people. This rule will be enforced before and after you enter the park.

*Do not honk your horn. This could frighten or cause the animals to stampede, or kick your car, which could cause major damage to your automobile.

*Stay on the paved tour route – the speed limit is 15 MPH. There are no turns on the route, so always go forward.

*Do not stop within 50 feet on either side of any gates or cattle guards. Animals may be tempted to walk over the bars and injure themselves.

*Pull off to the side of the road when stopping. Pulling over allows other vehicles to pass.

*Do not feed from your hand or feedbag. Toss the pellets on the ground and away from your vehicle. Only giraffes can be fed by hand.

*Do not feed anything but the pellets purchased at Fossil Rim. Only animal food purchased at our Admission Center may be fed to our animals. Feeding them any food other than the pellets you purchase from us may result in serious health problems for our animals.

*Do not feed the sable antelope at all. They are our most dangerous herbivore species. Do not put yourself or others in harm’s way. Check your animal ID guide so you know what sable look like.

*Do not grab or restrain the animals. Remember these are wild animals with horns and antlers. Do not lean out of your window with animals nearby.

*Remove any flags, balls or other loose objects from the outside of your vehicle. Animals are attracted to colorful moving objects and if eaten could result in serious injury.

*Do not entice our animals with food to put their heads inside your vehicles to feed them. This can severely hurt our animals and/or cause damage to your vehicle.

*Keep all trash and cigarette butts in your car. Litter can result in serious injury to the animals and cigarettes can cause unwanted grassfires.