Professional Training

The future of conservation is in the hands of our interns.

Our professional training mission is to provide formalized training in wildlife conservation, conservation education and all other related professions.

For anyone aspiring to enter the field of conservation, whether it is education, animal care, veterinary science or research, we can assist in their development.

Fossil Rim allows its interns to practically apply their training and often tackle important studies that will provide valuable data for staff members.

One of the few animal facilities to offer both a stipend and housing for interns, Fossil Rim enables most of its interns to focus on learning without having to take a second job.

All of this has helped facilitate former interns gaining employment across the country in zoos, conservation centers and veterinary practices.

As an intern at Fossil Rim, I was able to participate in a real-world research project and experience nearly every step of the process.

Stephanie Cunningham

Former Hoofstock/Behavior Research Intern

Examples of Intern Studies

Aaron Schmadeke

Matched-pair study design for comparing activity states of scimitar-horned oryx

Codyrose Bowden

Social cohesion of an arabian oryx herd and implications for breeding and reintroduction

Stephanie Cunningham

Effects of GPS radio collars on scimitar-horned oryx behavior

Chelsea Weibel

Individual variation in behavioral profiles of addax breeding males

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