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That's what it costs to feed and provide care for our 1,100 animals

Your Support saves wildlife

Fossil Rim depends on YOU – our visitors, members, and generous supporters to fuel our critical conservation programs to save threatened and endangered wildlife species and the land they live on.


Our beloved horned lizard (or horned frog for you TCU fans) is officially listed as a threatened species in Texas. Fossil Rim is fighting hard to make sure this lovable native sticks around for a LONG time.  Learn how you can help.

thanks to your support, here's what we've been ABLE to accomplish


Attwater's prairie chickens hatched in the last 26 years, making Fossil Rim the leading Attwater's prairie chicken breeding center.


Scimitar-horned oryx contributed by Fossil Rim to be reintroduced to the species' native habitat in Chad, Africa.


Addax born at Fossil Rim since the 1980's.


American red wolves born at Fossil Rim.


Mexican grey wolves born at Fossil Rim.


Cheetah cubs born as of 2021, making Fossil Rim a top-three breeding center in North America.