environmental engagement

Learning is at the heart of Fossil Rim's conservation work.

Our Environmental Engagement purpose is to facilitate individuals discovering their roles and responsibilities in the natural world.

Everything is connected, so everything is affected. At Fossil Rim, we provide opportunities for the young, and young at heart, to explore the world around us. From immersive overnight experiences to speciality tours and events, we utilize our 1,800 acre ‘living classroom’ to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Starting before our guests arrive at the Front Gate and continuing after they have returned home, our Environmental Engagement team creates opportunities to discover and learn about nature and the environment. Through collaborative projects on the local and international level as well as digital outreach and engagement, we aim to change the way our visitors think, act, and feel towards nature creating lifelong advocates for conservation in the process. 

For [students] to feel that connection from their school to Fossil Rim, the students understand they are part of a bigger process. [The programs] help teachers in our efforts to educate them to make the world a better place and to get involved.

Candace Stegint

Glen Rose Intermediate School

Programs Offered Include

Day and Overnight Programs

Training & Workshops

Virtual Outreach Programs

School & Organization Partnerships

TEKs & NGSS Aligned Activities

Guided Tours