environmental engagement

Learning is at the heart of Fossil Rim's conservation work.

Our Environment Engagement mission is to inspire all people - particularly children - to forever appreciate the world of nature, especially the endangered species with which we are involved.

We are inspiring the next generation of conservationists by raising awareness of the miraculous diversity of animal and plant species essential to our planet, and motivating our visitors to appreciate the ways in which we can all help protect the earth.

All of Fossil Rim's property serves as a "Living Classroom" for students of all ages to learn about and experience nature and wildlife firsthand.

Students and youth learn why and how we must preserve and protect it for future generations, and why wildlife is important for the health and stability of our planet.

My daughter learned so much. The event was well-run, the instructors were very knowledgeable and patient, and of course the tour of the park was amazing.

Tracy Abbott

Teacher's assistant with a camp group

Programs Offered Include

Day and Overnight Programs

Specialized Training & Workshops

Virtual Outreach Programs

Partnerships With Schools and Organizations

TEKs-Aligned Activities