At Fossil Rim, the conversation centers on conservation.

Our conservation mission is to participate effectively in the sustainable conservation of selected wildlife species, natural biological diversity and natural habitats.

Conservation is the heart of Fossil Rim. Our visitors enjoy watching a herd of 30 scimitar-horned oryx, possibly unaware the herd's offspring have traveled half the globe for reintroduction to Chad.

In the quiet back corner of the property, intensive work is underway raising Attwater's prairie chickens. These native Texan grouse are released every year to the wild.

And cheetah mothers chirp to their offspring along the Scenic Wildlife Drive, not knowing they are essential to the North American population, which has recently ramped up production thanks in large part to Fossil Rim's efforts.

Who will be next?

The addax that eagerly awaits a handout may soon be on a plane to help repopulate the wild.

I am compelled to recognize the special contribution that Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has made to the sustainability of addax.

Bill Houston

Addax Species Survival Plan Coordinator in the 2014 Addax Masterplan

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Natural Resources

Recycling &
Waste Conversion

notable statistics & accomplishments

On Our Watch


45 of these critically endangered animals in our herd

800 total addax born at Fossil Rim

Scimitar-Horned Oryx

Fossil Rim contributed 18 animals to the reintroduction of the species in its native Chad


Fossil Rim is a top-three breeding center in North America: 223 cubs born as of 2021.

Attwater's prairie Chicken

6,009 birds hatched as of 2021, making Fossil Rim the leading Attwater's prairie chicken breeding center

Materials recycled

Plastic #1 & #2 | Cardboard |Batteries
Aluminum | Tin

Hay Production

2,918 square bales
385 round bales
produced for our animals in 2021

Conservation Budget

8.2% of 2020 budget spent on field conservation, including assurance populations and reintroduction programs; exceeds AZA goal of 3%