Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA.

How long does the Gosdin Scenic Drive take?

It depends largely on the day and time of year, but 2-4 hours is usually enough time.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not permitted on the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center premises, including emotional support animals. Pets are also not allowed to be left in a parked vehicle in our parking lot. However, there are some vets in Glen Rose who can board your pet: Dr. Mike Jones – (254) 897-4339 / Dr. Rocky Terry – (254) 897-7846.

Only ADA service animals are permitted.  For more information, see www.ada.gov

Is there a place where we can eat a picnic lunch?

We have picnic tables at our Overlook Area near the Children’s Animal Center and beside the Overlook Cafe, as well as at the Admission Center.

Can we drive through the park in a convertible with the top down?

Yes, you may. For your safety while in the park, we do require that a solid barrier be between you and the approaching animals. Vehicles with “soft doors” or doors removed, such as Jeeps, will not be allowed to enter the park. Doors MUST BE IN PLACE and closed at all times.

Can we ride in the bed of a pickup truck?

Yes, you can. One adult must ride in the back with children, plus the tailgate must be up. Everyone must remain seated in the bed.

Is there anything there to entertain the children besides the animals?

At the Overlook, which is free to visit, our Overlook Café sells some tasty menu items, plus we have a wide variety of toys in our Nature Store. There is also a nature trail accessible from the Overlook area.

Are there coupons or discounts available?

Not at this time.

Are the animals out? Are they out in the rain (sleet, snow, etc.)? What time of day are the animals out?

Our animals live on approximately 1,800 acres that is divided into different pastures. On our Gosdin Scenic Drive, you wind through four of these pastures where the majority of our animals live. The animals really do not mind the weather, as they are built to live in the elements. Early morning or evening will provide the best opportunities to see more animals. In the summer, the morning is ideal because of the lowest-possible temperature. In the winter, time of day is not as significant of a factor. Please be advised that the only animals ever put up in barns are giraffes and rhinos – only when the temperature is cold enough to be uncomfortable for them. The other animals stay outside at all times, although the carnivores are able to go inside their shelters if they want to.

Can we pet the zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, etc.?

The animals that live at Fossil Rim are wild animals and petting them is NEVER a good idea, plus it is not permitted. To get better pictures or closer looks at them, you may purchase food to drop on the ground and lure them closer to your vehicle. 

We came when it was hot and didn’t see any animals, so can we get our money back?

We do not give refunds, but do suggest that you take your time and keep looking under the trees and into the woods as you drive. Especially if it is hot, the animals may be seeking shade. After all, they wear their fur coats year-round. Many staff members would agree the ideal time to visit is early in the morning during April, May, October, or November. 

Can we bring our own animal food?

For the health and safety of our animals, we require that no food other than that purchased at the Admission Center be fed to them. We reserve the right to escort guests out of the park if they are found to be disregarding our policies.

My child is allergic to peanuts. Are there any peanut products in the animal food?

No, there are not. The food consists of grains and grasses fortified with vitamins and minerals. The pellets are held together with a molasses mixture.


Can you take in animals that are injured, abandoned, etc.?

No. Due to the restrictions of our governing agencies, we cannot do that.

Can your vet staff give me medical advice regarding injured animals?

It would be best if you contact your local vet to get this information.


We have booked a tour and wonder what you do if we get there and a heavy rain starts? Do you refund our money or delay the tour?

We ask that you make the decision the day before based on the weather forecast as to whether you want to take a chance or reschedule your tour. If you decided to chance it, we do have a top on the touring vehicles and ponchos for sale. If it is storming with lightning and dangerous, we will not go out and any money paid for the tour will be refunded.

What is the largest-sized bus your tour route can accommodate?

The maximum vehicle length is 35 feet.

Is there enough animal activity in late February to warrant a photography session visit?

Yes, animal activity is good year-round, especially when it is cooler. You can either book a private tour that is good for photography or check out one of our scheduled photo tour opportunities on our website. You are welcome to photograph from inside your own vehicle while taking the Gosdin Scenic Drive, but you must stay inside at all times with the doors closed for safety. Also, please pull to the right side of the road to allow other cars to pass.

Why should I take a guided tour instead of visiting in my own vehicle?

There are several reasons why a guided tour is superior to visiting in your own vehicle. First, you can ask a tour guide any questions you have about Fossil Rim and its animals, while you will otherwise be limited to learning what is in the identification guide. Second, on days where traffic in the park might be an issue, the guided tour vehicles can use alternate routes to get away from traffic that guest vehicles cannot use. Third, everyone on a guided tour gets their own cup of feed, while everyone in a guest vehicle has to share one cup of feed.

We are on the way and will be a few minutes late; will they hold the Front Gate open for us?

We must strictly enforce the closing time for our facility, so please allow plenty of time to get here. Estimated driving times from various cities to Fossil Rim that you see on our site do not account for traffic or weather conditions.

Do you have group rates available?

Not at this time.


What are the requirements for an internship at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center?

Most internships require at least 2-3 years of undergraduate work in wildlife management, conservation biology or a related scientific discipline are required, as well as a valid and current driver’s license. Specific requirements are listed in each internship description here.

How do I apply for internships?

To apply, please see our Careers page. Click the name of the position you are interested in and follow the application guidelines on that page. All internships have online applications.

What are the deadlines for applications?

Animal Care Internships (hoofstock, rhinos, carnivores, Children’s Animal Center) and Veterinary Technician Internship – Spring Term: October 1 / Summer Term: March 1 / Fall Term: June 1

Prairie Grouse Conservation Internship – Spring Term: March 1

Environmental Education Internship – January to June Term: October 1 / May to November Term: March 1

How can I learn more about the various internship opportunities?

Please see our Careers page or Internship Overview page for further details.

Since we need a valid driver’s license, would we need to bring our own vehicles to Fossil Rim, or would we be driving staff vehicles?

You would have a vehicle to drive for work, but it’s recommended that you bring your own transportation, considering we are a rural facility and not within walking distance of any stores.

Since housing is available, is it on the property or within an easy drive of the facility?

Housing is on the property. You will need a vehicle (personal or work) to leave the fenced area of the intern house.

What is the available stipend for, in regard to these internships?

The stipend is $300 per month to be used as you see fit for monthly expenses. There is no fee for housing. Interns are responsible for their own food and personal expenses. 

Many of the descriptions mention the completion of an individual project. What does that entail?

There is no general answer, as each intern comes up with their own project while they are here.

If I have to fly in, would there be someone available to take me from the airport to the property, or would I be responsible for that?

You would be responsible for that. There is a limousine service you can use.


Where is the nearest town?

Glen Rose is approximately five miles from our Front Gate.

Are the restaurants in Glen Rose open on Sundays?

Yes, and you have a variety of choices. You can always visit our Overlook Café for a meal, as well.


Does Fossil Rim have RV facilities?

We do not have any RV facilities at this time. However, you will find several within about 10 minutes of our Front Gate. You may potentially be able to park your RV during the day if you are taking a guided tour. Be sure to mention your RV when booking a tour to ensure parking. 

Can we bring our own food and use the cooking facilities at The Lodge?

The Lodge has an oven and a microwave. You can bring your own food. However, the oven can only be used by guests who have rented The Lodge entirely, including all guest rooms.  

Are campfires or cooking fires allowed?

We do not allow campfires at Fossil Rim because escaping sparks could be disastrous for our animals. No cooking fires are allowed either, so roasting hot dogs or making s’mores is not permitted.

If we rent all but one room of The Lodge, can we still use all of the common areas?

The common areas are only for use by our guests at The Lodge. 

Can we walk from The Lodge to Foothills Safari Camp?

No, this is not permitted. It is approximately three-quarters of a mile and you travel through one of our larger animal pastures.

Is there a discount for renting The Lodge or Foothills Safari Camp cabins entirely?

No, each cabin is rented out on an individual basis. Currently, The Lodge can only be rented in its entirety - no individual rooms. 

Do the animals roam inside the Foothills Safari Camp area?

No, both The Lodge and Foothills Safari Camp have a two-acre fence around the area.

Can the dining pavilion at Foothills Safari Camp be used for a gathering place?

Yes, as long as it is not rented out at the time.

Are The Lodge and Foothills Safari Camp accessible for the handicapped?

The Lodge was our original owner’s former home and thus not designed with ADA regulations in mind. There are steep, narrow stairs between the first and second floors, as well as the second and third floors. There are also steps to enter the front of the building. However, the Attwater Room has parking access just next two it with only a couple of steps to navigate.

Foothills Safari Camp was built before ADA guidelines were applicable, so it is also not very accommodating to handicapped individuals.

How many guests do you recommend per room or cabin?

At The Lodge, we recommend a limit of four guests in The Peregrine Room. We recommend a limit of three guests in The Attwater Room and The Parrot Room. We recommend a limit of five guests in The Egret Room and the Hummingbird Room. In each cabin at The Foothills Safari Camp, we recommend a limit of three adults or two adults and two small children. Each cabin should not exceed three people unless there are two small children among the four.

Which lodging option is most appropriate for children?

The Foothills Safari Camp offers children more freedom to run and play, plus many of them seem to enjoy the idea of “camping” in our cabins.

What is included in the overnight package?

All rentals at The Lodge and Foothills Safari Camp come with a complimentary drive through our park in your own vehicle, plus breakfast when you wake up.

When is dinner offered?

Dinner may be served on Fridays and Saturdays - if there is deemed sufficient advance interest among guests by the lodging department - for an additional fee and must be scheduled in advance. Ask about dinner when booking, if you are interested. 

Are there televisions in the rooms or cabins?

There are no televisions in the rooms or cabins. However, there is a big-screen TV in the common area of The Lodge on the second floor. There is also a TV in the pavilion at Foothills Safari Camp.

What is there to do at night to entertain kids?

There is a sky full of stars to enjoy, especially for a child from the city who may never have been able to see so many before. Plus, The Lodge has several games to choose from.

Where are meals served?

All meals are served in the pavilion at Foothills Safari Camp.

Where can I go for dinner on the evenings when dinner is not served on-site?

Glen Rose is only a few miles down the highway and the lodging staff can suggest several restaurants for you.

Is entering or leaving The Lodge or Foothills Safari Camp restricted to certain hours?

No, you can come and go as you please. But we ask that you respect quiet time between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Also, you may not access the tour route from The Lodge or Foothills Safari Camp. You are only permitted to drive between the two lodging areas and to exit the wildlife center. All self-guided tours must begin at the Admission Center.