Enjoy Fossil Rim All Year Long

!! New Membership Perks for 2024 !!

  • Daily self-drive visits for 1 year
  • 10% off purchases at the Fossil Rim Nature Store
  • 10% off purchases at the Overlook Café
  • Unlike non-member guests, reservations are NOT required
  • Sell-out protection: even if a particular day or time slot is sold out, Members are still permitted entry

Membership Terms of Use

Annual Memberships are intended for use by families residing at the same address. They may not be resold on third-party websites or used with vacation rentals and businesses. The misuse of an Annual Membership will result in the loss of this benefit. Limit to one visit per day. Annual Membership fees are considered donations and are therefore nonrefundable.


How long will my membership last?

Twelve months from the date of your purchase. We will notify you before it expires to see if you want to renew.

What benefits does a membership provide?

Daily free admission to the Gosdin Scenic Drive. Members may NOT drive through Fossil Rim, leave the facility, then return to re-enter the park on a given day.

Members may visit Fossil Rim without requiring advanced reservations.

Non-members run the risk of not being able to visit on a particular day if we have already sold out of admission tickets. Members can visit on any day they want without fear of sellouts!

Self-guided drive only. Guided tour tickets must be purchased individually. 

Members receive 10% off purchases at the Fossil Rim Nature Store and the Overlook Café.

Additional benefits will be announced in the future if/when they are added.

If I visit Fossil Rim many times each year, will the experience change?

Yes, no two visits will be exactly alike. However, especially if the visits are at least a couple of months apart, there could be significant changes, including animals not seen on previous drives, new babies, and various plant life. As always, a morning visit is recommended.

What are the best months to visit Fossil Rim?

While an argument could be made that every month offers something to see, we generally consider the best months to visit to be October, November, April, and May.