Kristina and kid brush goats

Located halfway through our Gosdin Scenic Drive at the Overlook, you’ll find the Children’s Animal Center (CAC). There you can meet “Nausie,” one of our mischievous Nigerian dwarf goats, who has a knack for opening doors and doing tricks for treats. You may even be lucky enough to hear “Pearl,” one of our bare-eyed cockatoos, say “hello” and bob her head in greeting.
You’ll also see our 100-pound African spurred tortoise and “Einstein,” one of our very loving and curious emus. We also have a variety of goats, a pair of Texas tortoises, an Eclectus parrot, a macaw, and “Hamlet,” our very

talented pot-bellied pig. Some newer residents included a red wolf and a black-footed cat!
We remind you not to feed these animals, as they are all on special diets. As always, the Children’s Animal Center is free to the public, whether you take the Gosdin Scenic Drive through Fossil Rim or just want to stop in at the Overlook directly off of County Road 2009 (on weekdays).

In addition to our current residents, there is always the chance we add some new animals for you to meet! If you would like to donate items instead of a monetary donation while visiting, check out our In-Kind Donation page.