March 7, 2018

QuadBoss boosts our UTV’s ability

Fort Worth-based QuadBoss, which offers a wide variety of replacement parts and accessories for ATVs and UTVs, recently stepped up for the benefit of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

QuadBoss was interested in sprucing up the facility’s existing Kawasaki Mule UTV, deciding to contribute new wheels, tires, a light bar and a winch via in-kind donation.

“This piece of equipment that we have at our disposal is probably one of my most important tools,” said Richard Freeland, lawn care specialist, regarding the Mule. “QuadBoss helped make it a great vehicle for Fossil Rim. Spray weeds, reseed – it does everything for me.”

Fossil Rim Mechanic Scott Moore is appreciative for the additions, as well.

“I thought it was great QuadBoss donated these parts to us, because we use this Mule a lot to plant grass seed and do other jobs,” Moore said. “A storm knocked over some trees at our cheetah facility and we couldn’t get a truck in there, but we were able to use this winch to drag the tree limbs out. The tires we used to have on it were bald.

“The new wheels and tires look very nice. I put on all the parts that QuadBoss donated to us, and we really appreciate them helping us out.”

To learn more about QuadBoss, check out To make a donation to Fossil Rim, go to

-Tye Chandler, Marketing Associate 


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