There are many ways to donate to Fossil Rim. Money is the obvious route, but consider donations in kind, become a volunteer or donate a cell phone or an item from our wish lists. One of the easiest donation options is a marketing donation…tell a friend!


You are invited to share in our mission

Fossil Rim is a 501(c)3 private nonprofit organization. As such, we are not subsidized by any governmental or other funding source. Anytime you pay admission, take a tour, buy a souvenir, purchase a meal or participate in 

any other offering at Fossil Rim, you are contributing to the care of our animals, our conservation efforts and education work.

For that, we thank you. If you are moved by what we are doing and wish to contribute more, there are many ways to do so.


As a private nonprofit corporation, Fossil Rim does not receive national or state government support. Every cent spent or donated here goes in some way, directly or indirectly, toward the care of our animals.
So, the next time you donate or buy something online, what you spend helps us continue our mission for these endangered animals. We help you make memories, while you assist us in saving animals.

Being "501(c)3" means that a particular nonprofit organization has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. Contributions to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center are tax deductible to the maximum amount permitted by law. If your employer has a matching grant program, you can double your impact!

Thanks for your help and support!

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center


Donate your gently used items.

Have something you don’t need anymore, but it’s still in good shape? We can put items such as towels and blankets, which can be used by our vet department, to good use.

The education department can generally use arts and crafts materials. Tractors, trailers and farm implements are always welcome. The possibilities are endless.


If you would like to donate new items while visiting, check out Fossil Rim’s Animal Wish List.

•Gift cards from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart
•Scrub brushes
•Cotton kitchen hand towels
•Bath towels
•Thick heavy blankets
•Isopropyl alcohol
•Distilled water
•Paper towels
•Hand soap
•Dish soap
•Feather dusters (for our Attwater’s prairie chickens)
•Heat lamp bulbs
•Painter’s tape
•Dry-erase markers (all colors)
•Broad and fine-tipped black Sharpies
•Large “easyliners” or shelf liners
•Small buckets
•Small handheld brushes with dustpans
•Regular-sized handheld brushes with dustpans
•Garden tools
•Broom heads (used for goat scratching posts, can be previously used but not made of straw)
•Push brooms
•Wire cutters

•Hose repair kits/fitting metal: brass

•Hose nozzles
•Tuff Stuff black rubber tubs of any size (preferably 6, 15 or 64-gallon capacity)
•Float valves
•Socket sets
•Multi-tool pliers
•Duct tape
•Electrical tape
•Extension cords (outdoor use)
•Rubbermaid Brute gray containers (32-gallon capacity, preferably with lids)
•Five-gallon buckets
•Hemp rope (untreated/natural)
•Bird toys (strong enough for macaws)
•Large water jugs (from water dispensers, used for enrichment)
•Kong dog toys (extreme, in all sizes)
•Wooden blocks (untreated)
•Popsicle sticks
•Paper sacks
•Paintbrushes (medium to large sizes)
•Reusable containers in larger sizes (such as Ziploc, Rubbermaid, Tupperware, etc.)
•Snake grabbers/catchers
•Metal trashcans with lids (31-gallon capacity)
•Oster clipper blades (size 10)
•Storage containers for vet clinic
•Super Glue
•Spray bottles
•Veterinary bird books
•Hoof trimmer
•Hoof knife


Give us your old phones.

Fossil Rim now participates in the ECO-CELL recycling program, and you can help! Check out the details of how you will be helping Fossil Rim and the environment at

This is a great way to help your family, coworkers and organizations become more aware of the importance of recycling and “going green.” Simply donate your cell phone (working or not, no matter how old) with or without chargers and batteries.

Email ECO-CELL or call toll free at (888) 326-3357 to request a free shipping label. No special packaging is required, so just put the phones in a box with a note stating the donation is for Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and tape it securely. Apply the label, schedule a pickup from the carrier and you’re done!

Your efforts will result in a monetary donation to Fossil Rim while helping our environment at the same time, all at no cost to you. If you will be visiting Fossil Rim, we have collection boxes located at the Admission Office and the Nature Store.

Please feel free to contact us at (254) 897-2960 if you have any questions about how to participate.