In Person Programs

Environmental Engagement with a Texas T.W.A.N.G.

Visiting Fossil Rim on your own is great, but did you know there is more to explore? Treat your group, troop, or class to a one-of-a-kind learning experience at Fossil Rim! Whether it's exploring the great outdoors or conducting hands-on experiments, our immersive programs are the perfect way to discover, understand, and engage with the world around us! All programs are available in Half-Day (4 hours), Full Day (6 hours), or Overnight (24 hours) versions, making them a perfect fit for your schedule! We are currently offering the following themes and programs:

True Texans 

(3rd - 5th Grade)
What makes you a Texan? Is it the way you put up with the summer heat? Or is it the way you walk and talk? Find out what makes Fossil Rim's residents, both native and exotic, model Texans as we explore their unique adaptations to survive and thrive in the diverse ecoregions of the Lone Star State!

The "State" of Texas

(6th - 8th Grade)
Texas is a large and diverse state with an equally large and diverse range of environmental concerns. Join Fossil Rim's Environmental Forensics Task Force as we conduct a variety of hands-on environmental science experiments and take a look at the "state" of our state.

Conservation Conundrum

(6th-12th Grade)
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is known around the world for our animal conservation programs, but what exactly goes on at a facility like ours? Come learn the basics of animal husbandry and breeding programs as we take a peek behind the scenes of Fossil Rim.

Logistics & Pricing

Our Environmental Engagement programs are budget conscious with prices starting as low as $45 a person for Half-Day programs, $67 a person for Full Day programs, and $105 a person for Overnights. All programs include immersive environmental learning activities as well as a guided trip into the park aboard one of our unique open-air tour vehicles. Overnight programs also include lodging, dinner, breakfast, and a campfire under the stars of Texas Hill Country. Fossil Rim requires a minimum group size of 10 and as well as least one adult/chaperone for every 10 students or scouts.

We're excited about these opportunities and we hope you are too! If you're interested in learning more about our offerings, or want to start the booking process, fill out our Program Request Form. One of our staff members will get back to you to talk specifics so we can choose the best program for your group. Remember that filling out this form does not mean you have registered for a program, but it's the first step towards a truly memorable learning experience!

Scouting with a Texas T.W.A.N.G.

Scouts are notoriously known for being problem solvers and environmental stewards, making them perfect candidates for Fossil Rim's S.W.A.T.T. (Scouting with a Texas T.W.A.N.G) Program. This program is designed with scouts in mind as throughout your time at Fossil Rim, your troop will participate in a park-wide citizen science project as well as a variety of other learning opportunities and skill refreshers aimed at creating lifelong environmental stewards and advocates. S.W.A.T.T. programs are available for Full Day (6hrs) and Overnights (24hrs) and include official S.W.A.T.T. patches upon completion of the program.

Twilight T.W.A.N.G.

Spend an evening exploring the nature of Texas with your kin (or whomever you are willing to claim). Throughout the event, your group members will be competing against one another and testing their animal knowledge to become the team that takes home the prize (and bragging rights). The Twilight T.W.A.N.G. Environmental Engagement program includes an adventure into the park, a nature walk to test your senses, campfire/s’mores science, and plenty of surprises as your educator makes sure it is as fun as all get-out.

Logistics & Pricing

Twilight T.W.A.N.G. programs are available throughout the year from 6:30pm-9:00pm at $50 a person. Due to the exclusive nature of this program, we require a minimum fee of $250 for any Twilight T.W.A.N.G. and have a maximum party size of 16 people. Arrivals later than 20 minutes past the start time, without making arrangements with the Environmental Engagement Department, may result in cancellation of the program. To check on availability, email or click the Request a Reservation button below.

The big Fossil Rim "Quest" - Free

An interactive educational adventure for everyone. Although it is designed for our drive-through guests, a QUEST can be enjoyed from home as well. Whether from home or at Fossil Rim, we think you and your fellow QUESTers shouldn’t miss out on the fun. Click on the Q to learn more.