November 9, 2021

Why We Round Up for Conservation

When you visit Fossil Rim, you likely leave with new knowledge about the animals we have on property. As amazing as it is to see these animals up close and personal, it can be bittersweet to learn about the endangered and at-risk species we are working to conserve. It’s our mission to provide our guests with an experience that gets them thinking about the ways they can help nature. But we don’t stop there! We want to empower guests to get involved in the global fight for conservation. Here, it can be as simple as a purchase at our Nature Store.

Every time you make a purchase through Fossil Rim, you will have the option to round up your payment to the nearest dollar or more. This then becomes a donation to Fossil Rim’s own Conservation Research Support Program, or CRSP. CRSP takes the funds our guests have contributed and puts them towards conservational and educational causes that need our help. By rounding up, you are doing your part to care for animals like the ones you see in our park!

Pictured are the options to which you can donate through CRSP.

All Kinds of Causes

CRSP got its start in 2009 in an effort by Fossil Rim to extend their mission beyond the park. Our committee works to find causes on the cutting edge of conservation that our guests would be proud to aid. Now, nearly 13 years later, CRSP has contributed tens of thousands of donations directly from our guests through Round-Up! This money has gone towards scientific research projects, like 2018’s addax anesthesia study. Foundations like Marwell Wildlife have also received funding. This organization’s mission is to reintroduce the scimitar-horned oryx and addax into their native habitat.

An addax antelope under anesthesia, surrounded by animal and vet staff. Laying on the procedure table in our vet clinic.
An addax antelope under anesthesia as vet staff and animal care staff prepare for a procedure.

New Frontiers

So, what causes are your dollars supporting this year? In 2021, Fossil Rim has contributed to the recovery and conservation of the Peninsular pronghorn, an antelope subspecies with less than 700 individuals left in the wild. These animals only exist in Baja California, Mexico, and without funding their population would likely be even lower. This year we have also begun allocating funds to the Texas Children in Nature Network (TCiNN). Education is a key component of conservation, and TCiNN is dedicated to helping children learn and love the world around them.

By creating a foundation of respect for the earth, we are helping to build the next generation of environmentally-conscious and conservation-minded citizens! Next up, we plan to begin contributing funds towards artificial insemination techniques that can help improve genetic diversity and increase the overall population production of the vulnerable black-footed cat. 100% of your Round-Up for Conservation donations go to these causes.

If you’re interested in supporting CRSP, consider joining our Round-Up for Conservation the next time you make a purchase here. You can also visit our donate page on our site to find out all the ways to contribute to the cause today.


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