July 3, 2024

Brand New Baby

There's a brand new giraffe calf at Fossil Rim!

The new baby was born to experienced mom, Snorgie, in late June and is doing well. Snorgie is the mother to one of the four female calves born in March of 2023, making her yearling daughter, Waffles, a big sister. The calf has yet to be named, and spends the majority of its day keeping close to mom and nursing. 

Giraffes are herd animals, which means that family groups spend time together and protect each other. When it comes to calves, it's not uncommon to see other females pitch in to help care for the baby. We're excited to watch this new calf grow, and see how they interact with the rest of the giraffe tower.

To get a chance to see the new calf, visit our tickets page and book your experience! During the hot summer hours, we recommend visiting earlier in the morning while our animals are more active. 

The baby is currently on display, but as usual, visibility is up to the animal itself and our animal care and vet teams. On rainy days, they may be moved into the barn for their protection. 


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