Baby Rhino Tour

Fossil Rim welcomes baby southern white rhino

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is excited to share the birth of a southern white rhino calf. This calf marks the 18th rhino born at the conservation facility since 1991, continuing their longstanding mission of boosting vulnerable wildlife populations. Experienced mom Ursula has been doing great, along with the newly named calf, Rocket.

According to Senior Animal Care Specialist Justin Klauss, “Rocket spends most of his days nursing, napping, and burning off all of his excess energy.”

Though he was born around a hefty 100 pounds, Rocket has a lot of weight to put on to catch up to his 4,500 pound father, Khari.
Fossil Rim will be offering specialty tours designed to educate guests on white rhino conservation efforts. It will also take guests through the facility’s Intensive Management Area to learn about ongoing missions happening for other endangered species. The tour will end in an up-close encounter with the calf, facilitated by a rhino specialist.

Tours will be offered Sunday through Friday beginning January 29th and ending March 3rd, 2024. Each tour will cost $900 and seat a maximum of four guests per ride, ages 10 and up. All proceeds will go towards supporting Fossil Rim’s mission of conserving species in peril.

To reserve your spot, email with your contact information and preferred date. Fossil Rim’s team will contact you in order to make your reservation.