Welcome to the QUEST! We’re happy that you decided to join us for The Big Fossil Rim QUESTion.

Our adventurers, Will and Andrew, are trying to solve The Big Fossil Rim QUESTion. We think that you and your fellow QUESTers shouldn’t miss out on the fun.

Here’s how to play:

Be sure to share this page with everyone joining your adventure.

Watch the video for the corresponding date of your visit and solve the QUESTion. We suggest watching the video before you arrive – it makes for a great travel video.


For those who want a harder QUEST, stop the video after you read the riddle. If you would like more clues, continue to watch the entire video. No matter what, we suggest saving a screenshot of the riddle for future reference.

Take a picture of the object/animal/place that you think is the answer as you drive through Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.



Post your photo answer and an explanation on your own Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page using the hashtag #TheBigFossilRimAnswer by the last day of the month.

The answer to each month's QUESTion will be posted on the final day of that month. The next month's QUESTion will be posted the same day. If you bought your tickets ahead of time, be sure to check back for the QUESTion regarding the month you are visiting. Remember: you can play any of the QUESTs at any time, but you can only get a prize playing the current month.

QUEST Traveler's Log

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November 2020

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October 2020

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September 2020

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August 2020

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