Environmental Advocacy

Fossil Rim’s mission of inspiring positive change in the way people think, act, and feel towards nature is prevalent in everything we do. We invite you to join us in our efforts to advance the field of animal conservation and continue to provide world-class education and resources for our partners and the public at large.

Volunteering Opportunities

With over 1,800 acres of land, there’s always a project that needs to be done. Come on your own, or bring some friends and coworkers, to help with conservation around the park. While you might not be working directly with our animals, all volunteer projects are designed to help protect and preserve our land and species as well as enhance our mission of public engagement and education. For more information about opportunities to volunteer, visit our Volunteer Page.

Partnerships & Initiatives

Our Environmental Engagement Department’s purpose is to facilitate individuals discovering their roles and fulfilling their responsibilities within the natural world. To that end, we partner with other organizations that believe in the importance of nature and natural spaces, as well as making those spaces accessible to current and future generations. Fossil Rim’s Environmental Engagement Department is proud to work alongside these and many other organizations.

If you would like to become a partner in conservation or are interested in any of our Environmental Engagement initiatives email education@fossilrim.org.