April 24, 2017

Sights of Earth Day Texas 2017

Representing Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Warren Lewis, Tye Chandler and Caitlin Pyle had a great time at Earth Day Texas 2017 in Dallas! Check out a few of the many interesting sights from the three-day event.

“Under The Canopy” gave visitors a glimpse into the world of virtual reality, as they had close encounters with three-toed sloths in the Amazon.

To say “The Living Vine” was a huge hit with Earth Day Texas visitors would be an understatement. Just about everyone found him fascinating.

Sustainable Furnishings Council had some awesome wooden furniture on display.

Solar Rollers included the Solar Car Challenge, in which area high school students who designed solar-powered remote control vehicles tackled a marathon race.

Earth Day Texas was packed with environmentally conscious speakers, including Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

“Science On A Sphere” involved four projectors focused on a carbon-fiber ball. It was especially cool whenever planets were displayed.

This zebra at the LEGO Build The Change activity was certainly an eye-catcher.

EARTHACK was a 36-hour hackathon where five-person teams used technology to solve real environmental issues plaguing the world today. Many of them had cots for sleeping in order to maximize their problem-solving time.

The Enviro Loo is a solar-heated, evaporative human waste system that requires no chemicals, water or power to function. It only uses the sun’s radiant heat and wind, plus it produces no odor.

Commercial Metals Company (CMC) had a large Earth Day coloring board that numerous children to enjoy, as each one contributed with a small area of coloring.

Fossil Rim’s Tye Chandler catches up with the “Bag Monster.” The creature did a fine job of driving the point home that in one year the average shopper throws away 500 plastic bags.


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