November 20, 2018

Pondering packaging for No Waste November

“No Waste November” is an initiative where people around the world make a commitment to reduce the amount of waste they produce for an entire month. To learn how you can get involved, check out Our Children’s Animal Center Supervisor Kristina Borgstrom wanted to share her idea to participate in the movement.

Kristina Borgstrom pointed to product packaging as a way to participate in No Waste November.

One easy way to think about reducing the amount of waste you produce is to think about packaging. A lot of consumer products today are packaged for single use or for consumer convenience.

Packaging waste can be reduced by exploring the bulk aisle of your local food market or grocery store. If you love to cook with spices, munch on snacks or eat a variety of grains, these aisles will most likely have something for you. I enjoy trying out the various nuts and granolas.

When shopping in these areas, the stores will provide you with single-use bags that can already reduce secondary packaging containers. But, you can also bring your own bag or plastic container to reduce your total waste all together.

The next time you make a trip to the grocery store, try supplementing one of your purchases with a bulk item. You can also buy as little or as much of an item as you need, which in turn can also reduce your food waste.


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