June 7, 2021

“Oshana” Raising Three Cheetah Cubs

Fossil Rim is excited to announce the birth of another litter of 2021 cheetah cubs!

On April 18, “Oshana” gave birth to three cubs. The cubs are now six weeks old and spend most of the day playing and exploring their yard with their mom. Oshana, an excellent mother in the past, is once again showing her strong maternal skills in raising her cubs.

Cheetah cubs “Ragnar,” “Rollo,” and “Floki” were born to “Oshana” in April. Later on when the cubs are more mature, they will move to a larger yard that will be visible along the Gosdin Scenic Drive.

Despite Oshana being a great mother, our carnivore staff pays close attention to the cubs’ development, behavior, and Oshana’s maternal care to make sure everyone is doing well. The cubs don’t leave the den until around three weeks of age, so during the first few weeks of life, our staff monitors mother and cubs via den cameras. At roughly three weeks of age, the cubs’ mobility increases and they begin to venture out of the den with their mom, which makes them more visible and easier to keep tabs on.

This den camera frame is from the day the cubs were born – April 18.
The cubs were 17 days old when this den camera frame occurred on May 5.
The average cheetah cub litter size is 3-4.

The three cubs are all males and are named “Ragnar,” “Rollo,” and “Floki,” after characters from the television show Vikings. Oshana and her Vikings are currently in a secluded birthing yard and are not visible to the public. In the coming months after the cubs grow and mature, they will be moved to a larger yard and will be visible along the Gosdin Scenic Drive.

Fellowship Veterinarian Dr. Lauren Pudenz examines one of the Viking cubs as Cheetah Specialist Jess Rector secures it.
At roughly three weeks old, the cubs began to venture out of the den after their mobility had increased.
Oshana has produced multiple litters at Fossil Rim and continues to show strong maternal instincts.

-Jason Ahistus, Carnivore Curator 


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  • We are excited to know you have cheetah Cubs. We want to come and see them when they are ready for viewing. Hopefully you will let guests know when they can be seen.

    • Yes, protocol is that the carnivore curator will email the staff when they have been moved near the drive. There are a couple of cubs that were born the month before these, so they will probably be moved near the drive first.

  • We love you awesomely wonderful people. The world/universe is a better place with you in it. We’ve missed all of the wonderful times there. We are BLESSED to have this facility in out community. Thanks for all the miracles you do for people and animals.

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