June 13, 2016

Membership has its privileges at Fossil Rim

For people who usually make the trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center several times per year or more, an annual membership makes a lot of sense.

For Plano resident Win Maung and his family – wife Maggie and 10-year-old son Isaac – the decision didn’t take long at all in 2008.

“My son is very interested in wildlife, so we were pretty sure we would visit this place frequently,” he said. “We actually got a membership before we went in the park for the first time. I had been to Fossil Rim about 20 years ago, so I knew what to expect.”

3 yr old son
A year after the Maung family became Fossil Rim Wildlife Center members in 2008, Win Maung feeds a giraffe with son, Isaac, who was three years old at the time.

Isaac’s favorite animals at Fossil Rim are the European red deer and the giraffes due to what might be termed their “interactive eating habits.”

“My son loves to feed the animals,” Maung said. “I enjoy seeing his reactions when he’s feeding, and we all enjoy the giraffes especially.”

As a longtime member, Win is able to speak on a number of potential activities at Fossil Rim that he has experienced.

“We have taken the Family Tour in a tour van,” he said. “You get to see some places you normally don’t when you drive, plus the tour guides explain how the animals are being bred and cared for. You guys are trying to help animals that are nearly extinct come back strong.”

all 3
The Maung family – (from left) Isaac, Maggie and Win – loves to make the trip from Plano to feed the Fossil Rim animals.

When Isaac was younger, Win recalled how much he enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the Children’s Animal Center.

“He really enjoyed petting the goats,” Maung said. “There are lots of them and they are pretty friendly, so they’d come up and rub his cheek.”

Jurz feed
It’s no surprise giraffes are one of Isaac Maung’s favorite animals with gentle giants like “Jurz” eating out of the palm of his hand.
red deer
Isaac Maung enjoys kind animals that love to eat, so European red deer are high on his list.

The Maung family enjoys the overnight experience at Fossil Rim.

“We have stayed at The Lodge, and at nighttime you get to see different animals that might not be visible on a day tour,” Win said. “They come pretty close to you. We’ve stayed at The Lodge three or four days at a time, and we go over and have breakfast and dinner at the Foothills Safari Camp (pavilion).”

Meanwhile, lunch often means a trip to the Overlook Café.

“We normally get hot dogs and Philly Cheesesteaks,” Maung said. “The Philly Cheesesteak there tastes pretty good.”

When they come to Glen Rose, the Maung family enjoys some diversity in their experience.

“My son likes to see the tracks in the riverbed at Dinosaur Valley State Park, so we visit there, too,” Win said. “He’s always loved wildlife and dinosaurs, so visiting Glen Rose is an exciting experience for him. When we don’t stay at The Lodge, we’ll stay at a hotel in Glen Rose – usually the Holiday Inn. We enjoy eating at Storiebook Café and Pie Peddlers.”

Isaac Maung loves dinosaurs as well as modern animals, so his family often combines a trip to Fossil Rim with a visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Over time, Win has noticed some changes to the various herds at Fossil Rim.

“We have seen some of the species populations at the park change over the years,” he said. “The bongo herd seems to be growing. It’s interesting to see the giraffes grow older and then new ones are born. Their numbers seem to be coming back up, too.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Win and his family plan to continue their membership for the long haul.

“It’s amazing how long you guys have been working to help these animals,” he said. “Getting a membership is a great way to support the efforts of the people there. Also, if you want to try a lot of the different activities at Fossil Rim, a membership makes a lot of sense because of the discounts you get. I just hope people continue to support Fossil Rim and come enjoy the animals.”

To learn more about Fossil Rim membership, check out our Become a Member page.

-Tye Chandler, Marketing Associate



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