July 3, 2024

Texas Horned Lizards Have Arrived

For some time now, Fossil Rim has been preparing for the arrival of our newest species. We are proud to finally welcome our first pairs of Texas horned lizards!

Where are they?

Our new lizards live behind the scenes in our Intensive Management Area. Similar to our Attwater's prairie chickens, they have a building all to themselves. This building is temperature controlled and houses everything necessary for our specialists to care for these tiny new additions. 

Why do we have them?

Texas horned lizards are a threatened species in Texas, and Fossil Rim is now proud to join with organizations like the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the San Antonio Zoo to conserve them. The ultimate goal of this acquisition is to breed and release new individuals on land across Texas. Boosting the Texas horned lizard population is not only good for the species itself, but for the biodiversity of their native habitats.

Can I see them yet?

Currently, no guests are allowed to enter the lizard facility. The building may be spotted from a behind-the scenes tour, but only animal care and vet staff can visit with the lizards themselves. This may change in the future, so keep an eye out for future updates!


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