October 27, 2017

Activity Center now open for action

What was once a barn to house the animals when Fossil Rim Wildlife Center offered horseback riding has evolved into much more.

On Oct. 27, a ribbon cutting marked the official opening of the Fossil Rim Activity Center. It is located near the Wolf Ridge Nature Camp Bunkhouses – just beyond the Overlook area.

Kevin Dahlberg, Fossil Rim board member, handles the ribbon cutting to mark the official opening of the park’s Activity Center.

“It was about 12 months ago that contractors began work at this location,” said Louis Pienaar, Fossil Rim project manager. “About three months ago, our support services staff took over the project with usually three of us working here per day.”

The ribbon cutting was done by Kevin Dahlberg, who is on Fossil Rim’s board of directors. Dahlberg praised Fossil Rim’s efforts and contributions on a variety of fronts.

Fossil Rim COO Kelley Snodgrass thanked the Moody Foundation for providing the majority of funding for the Activity Center. He also credited Fossil Rim’s support services, education and IT departments for their work. The IT department invested approximately 110 hours working on the building, while the education department was consulted throughout the process about how the Activity Center could be ideally constructed to best serve Fossil Rim guests.

“In my time at Fossil Rim, as far as pride in a project and quality of the finished product goes, I would put this on par with the construction of our Nature Store,” Pienaar said. “This can be a flagship location for meetings, conferences, education events and lodging events.”

From the Nature Store to Admin Building renovations to a new Scenic Wildlife Drive among other things, the Activity Center continues a trend of Fossil Rim striving to improve as a wildlife facility in all facets.

-Tye Chandler, Marketing Associate 


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  • Congratulations for yet another wonderful addition to Fossil Rim. It is so heart-warming and impressive to see all the great changes that have taken place for the animals and for the visitors. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi, I would like to buy a large coffee cup, by accident I broke my husband’s favorite cup. Do you have a web gift shop? Thank you

    • Apologies for the delayed replay, we had a ton of spam comments drowning out the legitimate ones.

      https://fossilrim.org/nature-store/ Our Nature Store webpage doesn’t list specific items, but if you call 254.898.4262 they can tell you what we have. I’m sure this response is too late in this case, but now you will know going forward.

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