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Tye Chandler :
Posted September 21, 2018

On Oct. 13-14 from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m., join us for a new overnight camp focusing on our wolves! It’s HOWL Wolf Education Camp, and the acronym stands for Helping Our Wolves Live. Did you know that the American red wolf is the most critically endangered canid species on Earth and they used to live right here in Texas? For the first time, Fossil Rim is offering the opportunity for your Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop to learn what our animal care specialists do to increase conservation of these amazing animals, as well as our Mexican wolves and maned wolves! This overnight camp for 12-28 scouts will include lodging, two meals, educational programs, and a guided tour of the park. Scouts will create animal enrichment items and see these wolves up close with talks from our carnivore staff! $99 per person, ages 7+. Call (254) 897-2960.

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