Donate Cactus To Our Tortoises

BloggerTye Chandler :
Posted June 26, 2017

Our Children’s Animal Center (CAC) is interested in donations of spineless prickly pear cactus pads and fruits to feed our African spurred tortoises and Texas tortoises. Donated plants must be free of pesticides and herbicides. Donations can be brought to the CAC (1789 CR 2009) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily or call 254.898.4264.

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8 thoughts on “Donate Cactus To Our Tortoises”

  1. We have a large paddle cactus that is growing rapidly. We would like to donate some paddles for the tortoise food. We have never used pesticides or any treatments on this plant.
    Please advise if you would like and where we can drop off. Thanks

  2. I’m curious. How much cactus can the African spurred tortoise and the Texas tortoise eat in a day? Is this part of their regular diet, or something you feed them as a treat?

    1. (I heard from Amber, one of the people who takes care of the tortoises.)
      We feed them a prepared diet 3 times a week that tends to include a large pad for each of our African Spurred tortoises and 1 large one shared by our pair of Texas Tortoises. (There is a mix of vegetation aside from the cactus that we collect on site). They really enjoy the purple fruit from them as well.

      1. Thanks! This is really helpful. I’m working on a math task for middle school students that will involve figuring out how many plants they will need to grow enough to feed the tortoises.

  3. Do you still need prickly pear donations? We have a 235-acre family farm (cattle only) that uses no pesticides.


    1. Hello, I tried to call and check but they didn’t answer at the Children’s Animal Center. You can email Kristina at and she’ll get back to you. I believe they are always interested in prickly pear, but she can tell you for sure. Thanks

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