Road work continues through July

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Posted March 27, 2017

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8 thoughts on “Road work continues through July”

    1. Hello Tom. On the “Special Announcements” we just post a quick message, as opposed to a standard blog. I’ll do something more substantial when the roads get finished. Just in the midst of a lengthy process now.

      1. Is the road work interfering much with the wildlife tour experience, whether families drive themselves or take a guided tour?

        I was thinking of bringing my daughter out in May, but would it be better for us to wait ubtil next spring when the road work is complete and weather is cooler again?

        1. I’m sure it isn’t “absolutely” normal, but the animals are pretty used to the vehicles. They don’t act afraid. You should be good to go either way, but a tour is always the best bet if you are trying to choose.

        2. We recently went through the park and the roadwork did not hinder our enjoyment. Just watch out for those silly ostriches.

  1. Yes the road work did mess up our tour. Got behind a water truck going up the mountain to the cat cage. The wider road when finished will be nice but you have cut off some of the old best roads. The mountain road adds nothing to viewing animals because it is nothing but rock ditched and heavy trees, no animals. The giraffes have been totally cut out of the tour. Its seems your plan is yo get more cars on the road and show less animals. I would say that during our tour we spent about 70% of our time not seeing animals. I say all this because we have been long time visitors and had season passes for some time and the tours were much, much better then than now. Based on today’s tour we will not come back and will not promote Fossil Rim.

    1. Sorry for the delay, Sue. You have probably figured it out at this point. We are located just outside of Glen Rose – about 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

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