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Posted September 15, 2014


North Texas Giving Day is September 17. 18 hours of giving. Tell 18 friends. All to benefit the many needs at Fossil Rim.

To give on North Texas Giving Day, please follow these steps.

  1. Go here on September 17th between 6am and midnight.
  2. Give $25 or more to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and your donations will be multiplied from a pool of $2 MM of bonus funds and prizes!
  3. Be a part of conservation and education.

Below are 18 ways your donation may be used after you give.

Joel Sartore PhotosRaising one Attwater’s Prairie-chicken: $350

Addax NewsletterSending one addax or scimitar-horned oryx antelope to North Africa for release into their native range: $7,500


One day of meat for 21 cheetah: $116.55

4 - NTGD fence

Roll of fencing to keep our fence lines intact and safe: $559

NTGD day 5 - transportation

Transportation for one animal from a zoo for new genetics to aid in the conservation of threatened or endangered species: $2,000-$6,000 (depending on the species and distance to travel)

6 NTGD shed

Shed used to keep animals warm and provide shelter during harsh weather: $9,000

7 NTGD - Vet close up bottles

Vaccines given to one cheetah cub in their first year: $30

8 NTGD Vet book

Preventative medications given to maned wolves for one year: $475

Mupani's Yard - Summer 2008 Plant Study

Training the next generation of conservationists for one month: $300

10 NTGD Day 10 - truck

Used full-size truck for accessing animal areas, transporting animals, feeding animals and daily tasks needed at Fossil Rim: $15,000

11 NTGD SaltBlock2

Mineral/salt block used in pastures to help meet nutritional needs of animals: $15

12 NTGD- incubator

Incubator for a clutch of Attwater’s Prairie-chicken’s eggs: $5,000

NTGD Day 8 -tractor

Tractor for harvesting hay: $65,000

14 NTGD - compost

Compost Windrow Turning Machine: $20,000

15 NTGD Roan Eating

Animal feed for all hoofstock (rhino, giraffe, antelope, deer, zebra) for one day: $262-$375

Gerry's Fall 2010

Raising one cheetah cub: $1,200

17 NTGD-alfalfa

Shipment of 100 alfalfa bales that will feed approximately 35 animals for 45 days: $2,450

9 NTGD-mexican grey wolf

Release of one Mexican grey wolf (pictured above) or red wolf into the wild: $2,000

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is dedicated to the conservation of threatened and endangered species, public education, scientific research, training professionals and natural resource management. We are not-for-profit and nongovernmental. We appreciate any and all donations – you are the reason we are able to do what we do. Thank you.

By: Alyssa Martin

Author: Tye Chandler

I am Fossil Rim's marketing associate. I write all blog posts unless otherwise noted.

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